Where We're Going, We don't Need Roads

Welcome to the official website of the DELOREAN project.

DELOREAN is a project funded by European Union Agency for the Space Programme (EUSPA) which aims at promoting the use of EGNOS and Galileo in the RPAS sector by providing more accurate positioning and enabling safer RPAS operations in challenging urban scenarios such as the city of Benidorm.

DELOREAN aims with a series of actual demonstrations to contribute to the expansion of Urban Air Mobility and Urban Air Delivery by proving their viability and showing how EGNOS and Galileo stand as enablers of this future city sky. In the project framework, two different scenarios are set: one for Urban Air Mobility and another for Urban Air Delivery.

The DELOREAN project started in December 2019 and has an estimated duration of 2 and a half years.

Image source: - Copyright Airbus Helicopters - 


The city of Benidorm will be the hoster of the two test scenarios.

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